PRP – Platelet Rich Plasma

PRP - Platelet Rich PlasmaModern medical regenerative Verfahren- eosinophil Biostimulation with platelet-rich plasma

II. Applications with problems around the musculoskeletal system!

With trend in modern medicine for the regeneration of damaged tissues visibly established the platelet-rich plasma therapy -PRP-. Since the dedicated physicians must deal there always heaped with overexertion / forms of injury and wear and tear of various tissue types, this course is always looking for alternatives and / or supportive healing process. Genetic specifications, but also aging and micro and macro injuries, and chronic congestion of different tissue structures with the consequences of a continued reduction in mostly incomplete natural self healing cause severe damage .

These in almost all other bindegewebliche structures (cartilage / tendons / muscles / skin / connective tissue / etc) taking place in imbalances negative processes encourage a continuous wear process. Time and again there to inflammation and activation of harmful direct local processes and also incomplete repairs. As the production of the body’s own wound healing factors from platelet PRP therapy expires anyway?

There is a small amount of blood taken from a vein in order subsequently to be concentrated in a special separation process endogenous regenerative, anti-inflammatory ingredients. The so natural solution obtained is possibly then again worked up depending on the application and target to be then injected directly into the appropriate tissue with special technology. The Registered strict sterile conditions and anatomical knowledge is required, be understood in order to achieve the same largest medical therapeutic success at the highest possible security.

Since it will be virtually no known. Known side effects, the innovative doctor stands with this treatment option is a highly effective natural methods available. The indications from the human medicine, dentistry and veterinary medicine are very diverse. In orthopedics are the next tendon muscle diseases / -Injuries, fracture treatment, cartilage regeneration. This replaces increasingly the applications of cortisone and has always been very concerned combinations of natural curatives and is also frequently used in combination with Hyaloron. Besides the proven applications in dentistry and increasingly more and more applications in surgery (wound healing).

Also coming dermatological and cosmetic-aesthetic treatment concepts to bear .And of course, in any other region where cell regeneration through improved collagen synthesis is desired stimulation of the skin renewal / subcutaneous cell stimulation. By pluripotent properties PRP alone and / or in combination with autologous fat / Hyaluron / et al Materials, etc. used. Here an improvement of skin appearance, skin tightening, wrinkle reduction at any desired body area is absolutely possible. Also volume structure in combination with autologous fat / stem cells finding increasing applications. Also, a long-term permanent stimulation of hair growth (alopecia) and significant healing acceleration is in critical Wound / Scar Treatments (burns / skin grafts / M.Dypytren & Ledderhose) under PRP applications.

It is hoped that this and future sustainable trend towards natural and regenerative medicine not by untrained “health professionals” and medical “all-rounders” with false promises and false particular treatments with unacceptable pricings, is ruined. On an absolute professional integrity, ongoing training and a good medical & Training competence should each “customer / patient” presuppose in the therapist of his choice.

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