prp bild 10.15One understands the use of biological processes – Biomedicin – on the path of healing in various diseases through the regenerating non-functioning cells, tissues, Gewebsverbände (and organs), both through biological replacement (farmed for example, using / optimized cell structures), as well as by the excitation the body’s own regeneration and repair processes.

The aim is to enable, among other things, these processes in the body by an optimal biological environment (diet, physical activity, natural protective processes but also psychosocial factors) will be created for it.

As an example of successful therapy: PRP -Platelet-Rich Plasma (platelet-rich plasma / platelet-rich plasma) is produced by plasmapheresis with an autotransfusion device or a special table top unit of autologous patient whole blood. The high content of various growth factors and cytokines, as well as mesenchymal stem cells, fibroblasts and mononuclear leukocytes biological activity highly concentrated and apliziert. Secondary & thereby proliferation cell regenerative components is also excited to immigration.

The long term probably also continue establishing itself ends modern therapies / applications in the field of tissue engineering / induced pluripotent stem cells, we are of course always scientifically critical, but also extremely open to in their therapeutic possibilities.

We are Medisport-Mallorca on the “cutting edge” and convey this information / assistance to our patients through our scientific network and co-operations.

Many regenerative medical procedures can be found in their biological approach also in various naturopathic again.