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m-seitaThe doctor in Majorca for your medical questions and problems
The orthopedist & sports medicine specialist Dr. Marco Seita, is the specialist in health in Mallorca. It covers with its closely cooperating specialists in dental team from the entire spectrum of Orthopedics in Palma Clinic / Palma de Mallorca. In addition to a wide offer conservative application process is also a range of impressive operational capabilities on the highest medical level available.

As a former athlete (former national basketball team) and even more ambitious athletes (triathlon / bike / golf, etc.) he acts as a doctor in Mallorca with problems of health and with matters relating to the musculoskeletal system, not only from the theory out, but provides you always direct actionable terms. Medical therapeutic approaches are always practical and individually conveyed and possibly even treated directly. Both counseling and treatment in the field of very complex holistic Better (Anti) Aging Medicine (with inter alia the themes weight control / food supplement / Work-Life Balance / Motion & training plan, etc.) are also among the services offered.

We place value on individual attention and a high level of customer satisfaction. We are always available to you! You have any questions, requests or suggestions, more information about the procedure and sequence of different services, and related costs – please contact us!

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CV – Marco Antonio Francesco SEITA-
As an in Darmstadt in 1960 born real “Heiner”, and in the front Hessian Odenwald (Ober-Ramstadt) grew up “Ovverrämschter Bub“, the passion for sport and the special talent as a basketball player evolved in the following moving and happy childhood and youth.

In addition to success in the Bundesliga and youth / junior & Men National also the university / high school in 1980 at the G. Büchner Gymnasium in Darmstadt but has managed quite successfully. Optimally develop parallel The started implementation of the desire in the US sport and profession, then the decision but followed the alluring reputation in the student / basketball city Göttingen to follow and implement long-term on home soil his goals.
After first “exploratory study attempts” in Economics and Jurisprudence between 1980-83 and the silent hope of a medical study course, this desire fulfilled is actually still the fall of 1983 and was finally completed in 1990 with the medical state examination in Frankfurt / Main.
 The sporting passion with the different stations Basketball was always pursued successfully during active defined benefit career. Even during intense professional training course at various clinics and departments, which took place in 1999 at the end as a specialist in orthopedics at the University Hospital Jena / Eisenberg in Thuringia, the “vice Basketball” was nevertheless operated quite successfully.

With the specialist qualification and also in the episode doing more intensive professional (independent practice activity from 1999) strain and in particular family constellations as a husband and father of three girls, the decision matured now but even more to master the “normal life” and the intense physical performance sports requirements have been adapted to a new more moderate ambitious sports life.

During the study period, but especially within the medical orthopedic residency training continuously the continuing education for further specializations with the highest intensity were always ahead.

Additional titles as Physical Medicine / Sports Medicine / Chiropractic and Manual Medicine / Psychosomatic Leger and first aid, as well as accident insurance consultant (H-doctor) appointment, in addition to X-ray and ultrasound qualifications were really only basis of medical activity expansion. Diplomas in pain therapy, acupuncture, osteology, autogenic training, but also training curriculum and coach education, and family medicine training, anti aging training and communication trainees and many others were almost naturally included.

Countless courses, seminars, trainings, OP courses, anatomy training, instructor training and a lot of top national and international internships let the list of continuous individual training request and (not) medical qualification aspirations hardly ends.
Belonging to various professional / interest groups completed (e) the interest of continuous actuality of knowledge in various fields of medical activity.

All this is an expression of a deep positive zest for life and the feeling of a real vocation in the field of health and medicine, as well as a sign of an inspiring continuous curiosity at work, as well as the encounters and experiences with different people and situations, but especially in the joy the complexity of life itself.

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