Sports medicine and immune system

Contribution of microimmunotherapy

Sport as a purposeful, physical exercise (also referred to as a physical stress) – in the sense of a regular, physical activity in the form of play and training – has become one
essential ingredient of modern lifestyle in the 21st century. It serves not only to increase performance or maintain physical fitness, but in particular the preservation or optimization of health.
Through different forms of training, various adaptation and growth processes are triggered in the organism, which usually also have a positive and lasting effect in the physical and mental area of ​​the sportsman. It is important to the training content – d. H. the choice of method, the organization and the repetition intensity of the training units – to be adapted to the individual or group-specific goals.
In this sense, the task of sports medicine u. a. Also, by means of analysis, control and regulation with regard to the athletic goals, to draw on the modern (sports) medical knowledge and to implement this sustainable, in order to ensure the health of the athlete.

Sports medicine and immune system

Innovative Training Concept

Hola dear health & sports specialists Mallorca!

In cooperation with Trisportz-D- and MedicalHealthMallorca I would like to do a short but complex active information event (Demo & Workshop!) On Saturday 17.11.2018 in BENDINAT from 12-13h to present an innovative training concept / (mini) device invite!

Absolutely integrable into every medical and training-specific exercise concept of your clients & patients! Also and especially as an individual own program for home optimally schoolable!
Free event & absolutely non-binding
But highly inspirational & successful!

Registration requested under known e-mail or directly 661939395

Health in pictures and numbers

Heart rate variability (HRV) is a measure of the overall adaptability of an organism and thus a measure of health. The heart rate variability is calculated from the millisecond intervals between the individual heartbeats of a person. The change in these time intervals is a measure of the regulatory capacity of the autonomic nervous system.

The autonomic nervous system controls all essential functional processes in the human organism. The interaction of its two branches – Sympathikus for performance and parasympathetic or vagus for regeneration – can be detected and visualized by measuring the heart rate variability.

You want to know more? You want to develop your health! Reach and / or develop !?

Take advantage of the opportunity for free information and orientation short status with doctor Marco Seita your medical-medical health coach in Bendinat.

The water-resistent plaster cast

Swimming, bathing, showers despite plaster !! Available on Mallorca Contact => 661939395!

Article Waterproof Gibs

This new innovative technique, like many other special associations (Kinesiotape / Sporttape / special ointment dressings, etc.) and optional therapy forms, is used as part of various conservative treatment concepts.

The water-resistent plaster cast

Swimming, bathing, showers despite a plaster !!

The desire of the patient in the course of a treatment always to get the most optimal possibilities is more than understandable. Never fits in someone’s  lifetime scedule the acute injury with it’s bruises, fractures and following treatments. And in a postoperative treatment care the „resting and healing progress“ is never giving time. Always you hear it again and again the  „why me and now“.The most important medical indication for resting in combination with improved everyday suitability has now been successfully developed. The previous restorations with conventional plaster were mostly very difficult, extremly heavy, absolutely waterless, and thus the daily life as well as the holiday benefit of the patients but considerably restricted. The solution for an unrestricted use, even in everyday life, despite the use of gypsum dressing, offers a special cushioning material under a modern ultralight synthetic support band. The material is waterproof, breathable and washable, allowing the patient to shower, bathe or even swim, despite a so-called stable cast dressing. Even the necessary rehabilitation measures can now be carried out successfully thanks to this special technique. By means of this innovative three-dimensional construction made of water-resistant fibers developed in medical technology, a required stability with wear comfort could be achieved. The open fabric structure allows the water to drain from the casting belt, while the residual moisture evaporates with the aid of the body’s heat. Most dressings dry within approx. 90 min. An adhesive coating facilitates the installation and prevents slipping of the bandage during the dressing. The risk of skin macerations, pressure points as well as smell and skin jumps is reduced by the special under-cushioning. With sufficient experience in plastering and learning the new materials is for the experienced specialised orthopaedist absolutely no problem.

In Bendinat/Calvia at Medisport-Mallorca Center the orthopedist / traumatologist and experienced sports physician Dr. Marco SEITA (0034-661939395) – made very good experiences in the past and uses this new technology as a matter of course in addition to other specialized associations such Kinesiotape / Sports Tape / and other special techniques regularly as part Its wide conservative treatment concepts.




11:00 Lecture
Speaker: Simela Chalkidou
“Sleep well through the right diet”

11:45 Lecture
Speaker: Markus Liebscher
“Simply live better with the L-U-G-S formula”

12:30 Lecture
Speaker: Dr. Marco Seita
“HRV heart rate variability determination – the diagnostic infallible tool in diagnostics”

13:15 – 13:45 Panel discussion with all experts:
“Ask your individual questions to the experts”

15:00 Lecture
Speaker: Simela Chalkidou
“Fit and vital through life with a healthy gut”

16:00 Lecture
Speaker: Inge Magne
“Modern and minimally invasive dentistry
… for a refreshed smile ”

16:30 Lecture
Speaker: Dr. Marco Seita
“Back Pain – Causes and Treatment Methods”

All day:
– Healthy cooking with tecocina – ecological cooking utensils- with nutritionist S.Chalkidou. Tasting and purchase possibilities of the prepared meals.
– Test run with the Leguano barefoot shoe with Mrs. Stattmann
– Medical advice in the field of foot care with Ms. Kesberg
– All exhibitors / experts are available for all your questions throughout the day

We wish all visitors a lot of fun!

Download here the information brochure as PDF.

Microimmune therapy Mallorca

Doctor Seita -MSM-extends his practice concept and can be trained to become a microimmunotherapist by the MeGeMIT.

This immunomodulatory treatment, which works with the same messengers as the immune system (eg cytokines, hormones, growth factors, nucleic acids), aims to send the best possible information to the organism and to correctly “tune” a positive immune response to an existing pathological situation To support self-healing.

And in a holistic medical concept, this procedure is more than justifiable even when it comes to orthopedic-pain management issues.


Back pain – Part II

Conservative-non-operative therapy options

Most back pain is harmless and often disappears spontaneously and without treatment after a few days. However, if the doctor is needed, it should always be decided as part of a step treatment concept on the “actual state of health” and the individual requirements with his patient together, which other different acute therapies are possible and timely. However, the principle always applies from simple to severe, and from uncomplicated to more risky treatment. Often, various measures are combined or affiliated. Here are some of the so-called “conservative spine procedures” once put together very briefly and orienting.

I. The massage is available in various techniques and applications. It comes by means of a mechanical influence of the skin, connective tissue and muscles by stretch, tensile and pressure stimulus to alleviate the symptoms. The effect of the massage extends both from the directly treated place, as well as over the entire organism including the psyche.

II. Manual Therapy / Chiropractic: – By means of certain grip and impulse (manipulation) techniques and special relaxation exercises, “movement restrictions” of the joints and muscles are to be solved, which may be responsible for pain and other symptoms.
III. The electrotherapies: – Metabolic processes are activated on cellular levels by means of different DC or AC procedures, which flow through the body or body parts. But also by means of special magnetic fields energy fields can be generated, which also have regeneration / activation potential.
IV. Balneo-physical measures: means the most varied therapeutic treatments of water and temperature applications of any shape and intensity to support regeneration / healing phases

V. Osteopathy: -there are judged and treated under the conceptual assumption of philosophical and not quite scientific concept of thought physical disorders. Here, the body is considered as a functional unit, which is basically capable of self-regulation. By means of manual technology, a series of manipulative techniques are developed to recognize disturbed functions and to apply them therapeutically to activate and promote the individual self-healing powers.

VI. Other regulation therapies such as “craniosacral therapy, acupuncture / acupressure and other methods” also use different techniques to detect the causes of the malfunction occurring and then to directly / indirectly regulate the respectively disturbed function back to a “normal state”.
VII. Yoga / Pilates / Callenetics, and Others: Related forms of exercise also have many therapeutic spine & core stabilizing exercises where the positive effects of physical exercises have a direct impact on muscle / joint status and, indirectly, on the overall well-being of the individual.
VIII. Medical strengthening therapies such as MedX / Kieser / EMS-Miha and other forms of training try to eliminate pain through targeted strengthening of the musculature and improvement of body perception.

IX. Autogenic training / Progressive relaxation techniques / hypnosis and psychosomatic treatment procedures are also justified in the overall concept of the “back”.
But in most cases a fundamental change in the awareness of the back in the sense of a so-called “back school” as a basis of long-term sustainable success is imperative. Here, in addition to the long-term successful integration of a back-specific movement and action awareness, also to regain his sense of body awareness in order to adapt his current work and leisure environment accordingly. And despite or even because of a variety of successfully established spine surgery, it is still imperative to do what is crucial for his back as the center of the musculoskeletal system and for his general health.
But please: beware of the many better / know-alls or “omnipresent” among the “specialists”. The right choice of therapy at the right time is and will remain the central theme.