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-back school Mallorca- 2018

As of March, once a week a Dr. Seita -Orthopedic & sports-doctor and Frank-Andre Berkel -trainer Bodyart- holistically conceived certified course around the topic back instead.
Almost exclusively practical exercise elements for strengthening the back muscles and improving body awareness are also trained and trained by teaching basic knowledge on back and back-friendly behavior.

When: every Tuesday afternoon
Time: 13-14h
Location: Medisport-Mallorca
Sequence: Course 1.-4. every Tuesday and repeating each following month
Part 5. & 6. as additional special unit on one extra day per month.
Failed units can be repeated.

Entry into course at any time possible !!!
This 6-part continuous monthly course / training session will also be rewarded with the participants’ certificate.
The costs of 145, – € can be submitted to the health insurance companies for the settlement of a qualified preventive measure.
The number of participants is limited and therefore requested a timely registration.
More information and registration at:

Biomolecular vitOrgan therapy

Now on MALLORCA in MSM focus practice the option in biological medicine

Biomolecular VitOrgan Therapy (BvT)

The treatment and action principle consists in the use of regulatory and metabolically acting substances
Through the administration and administration of appropriate organo-homeopathic preparations, self-healing mechanisms of the organ systems are activated.

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Fit & healthy in the new year

Start your health “ReTuning” by 2018!
Our health concept and together with your will to sustainable change = 100% success
Easily down their “extra holiday kilos” without a problem and fix the basis of a “healthy life”!
As ? Right individual health counseling & IST analysis then the adequate exercise / targeted training and supporting then the 10 Day Transformation of Purium Health!
Info!? TEL => 661939395
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Lumbar spine – Lumbar spinal nerve

wirbelsaeulePrinciple of lumbar spinal nerve

The goal of lumbar spinal nerve is not the complete analgesia and paralysis of lumbar spinal nerves, like preparing for surgery, but pain reduction and desensitization irritated neural structures in the lumbar motion segment. Using a posterolateral local anesthetic injection and mixed in combination with steroids is envisaged under image control in the foramino-articular region of the motion segment.

Insertion angle and guide the needle are determined by topographic and anatomical Palpationspunkte. Through a puncture and advancing the needle at a predetermined angle is always achieved safe bone contact and then probed the needle again after image control exactly in the intervertebral foramen of the lower lumbar spine

Indication: The main indication for lumbar spinal nerve represent all acute and chronic local and radicular lumbar syndrome but also irritations in the lumbar motion segment, caused by osteoporotic subsidence, Spondyloly-sen, tumor-related pain, spinal stenosis and inflammatory changes, especially in the area of ​​the facet joint capsule speak. well to this treatment.

Here, to diffuse by means of the injection solution through the intervertebral foramen and for traversing lateral root located, namely at the point at which it is pressed at the discal plane of the intervertebral disc L5 / S1 if necessary. While the prudent advancement of the needle, especially in the final phase, by slow procedures under constant injection and aspiration can be unpleasant phenomenon around the nerve largely avoided. Upon definitive and secure needle position can be, depending on the clinical situation, a longer lasting local anesthetic (bupivacaine) or (and) add a glucocorticoid (z. B. 10 mg triamcinolone).

Effect of lumbar spinal nerve (LSPA): In spite of the application of the local anesthetic from posterolateral to meningeus achieved indirectly via the Ramus also nociceptors at the posterior longitudinal ligament, in dorsal annulus fibrosis and in the facet joint capsule. Among contrast examinations in CT is very small fractions of the injected solution to the proximal portions of the spinal nerves including both the spinal ganglion, and the communicating branch show. Only a portion of the injected solution passes through the intervertebral foramen into the epidural space.

After the paravertebral lumbar spinal nerve, the patient felt a reduction in his back and leg pain stops the hours. Under the measure comes in most cases to a pronounced feeling of relaxation with subjectively felt warming in the back and in the affected leg. With temporary short paralysis or lameness feelings in the leg can be expected in rare cases. Of course, should one make before attention and take appropriate precautions to patients.

Using special corticoids, and also last successful trials of PRP, there is a also long-lasting relief. Here, then in an overall concept there be a generalized complaint situation and surgeries can be avoided.

. More informations at Dr.SEITA  66 19 39 39 5 or :

– Back pain – Part II. Conservative-non-operative therapy possibilities

Most back pain is harmless and often disappear spontaneously after a few days without treatment. If, however, the doctor is needed, a step-by-step approach to the “actual state of health” and the respective individual requirements should always be used to decide together with his patient which further different acute therapies are possible and up-to-date. However, the principle always applies from simple to severe, and from the low-complexity to risky treatment. In this case, various measures are often combined or integrated. Here, some of the so-called “conservative spine methods” used are once briefly and orientated.

I. The massage – it gives it in different technique & application procedures. A mechanical influence of the skin, connective tissue and musculature by stretching, pulling and compressive stress will relieve the symptoms. The effect of the massage extends both from the directly treated site, as well as over the whole organism including the psyche.

II. Manual Therapy / Chirotherapy: – using certain manipulation techniques and special relaxation exercises, “movement restrictions” of the joints and muscles, which can be responsible for pain and other symptoms.

III. The electrotherapies: – metabolic processes are activated at cellular levels by means of different direct or alternating current processes, which flow through the body or parts of the body. Energy fields can also be generated by means of special magnetic fields, which also have regeneration / activation potential.

IV. Balneo physical measures: means the most diverse therapeutic treatments of water and temperature applications of any form and intensity to support regeneration / healing phases

V. Osteopathy: -and physical disturbances are assessed and treated under the conceptual assumption of a philosophical and not entirely scientific concept of thought. The body is regarded as a functional unit, which is basically capable of self-regulation. By means of manual technique, a series of manipulative techniques are developed in order to recognize disturbed functions and to apply them therapeutically in order to activate and promote the individual healing powers.

VI. Other regulation therapies such as “craniosacral therapy, acupuncture / acupressure and other procedures” also use different techniques to determine the causes of the occurring malfunctions and then directly / indirectly regulate the respective disturbed function to a “normal state”.

VII. Yoga / Pilates / Callenetics, and other related movements also have many therapeutic spine & trunk stabilizing exercise elements where the positive effects of physical exercises directly affect the muscle / joint status and indirectly affect the overall well-being of the human being.

VIII. Medical strengthening therapies such as MedX / Kieser / EMS-Miha and other training forms try to eliminate pain by specifically strengthening the muscles and improving the body’s perception.

IX. Autogenic training / Progressive relaxation techniques / Hypnosis and psychosomatic treatment procedures also have their entitlement in the overall “back” concept.

But a basic change of the back consciousness in the sense of a so-called “back school” as the basis of a long-term success is usually necessary. In addition to the long-term successful integration of a back-specific awareness of movement and action, his working and leisure environment must also be adapted accordingly. And despite or even because of a large number of successfully established spinal column surgery, it is nevertheless absolutely necessary for the back as the center of the movement apparatus and for its general health to do the decisive “right”.

But please: Beware of the many better / omniscient or “all-crackers” among the “specialists”. The right therapy at the right time is and remains the central theme.

WORKSHOP Back & Mallorca

Modern Therapy Concepts & Procedures in a Successful Cooperation DOC-THERAPIST-TRAINER around the topic of back pain

Examples & demonstrations & discussions
Saturday, 29 April 2017
11h – 12.30h
Bendinat at the Institute MHM – MEDICAL HEALTH MALLORCA
Plaza Mirador de Bendinat (Eroski- car park)
With :
• Sportarzt Doctor Seita (Medisport-Mallorca)
• vertebral columnist Prof Dr. Becker (Vienna)
• Physioteam Medimpuls Vienna
Limited number of participants!
Therefore, please register under:
971133811 or else


PRP Workshop on April 6, 2017 with case studies and demonstrations

PRP Applications – Changing from the Alternative Therapy Option to the Optimal Therapy Concept!

in Bendinat Medisport-Mallorca Practice  19.30-20.30h

Registration requested! Information also available at:


at Phonenumber: 661939395

Open House

Medical Health Mallorca

Friday, the 24th of February – 13:00 – 18:00


  • Short Lectures & Demonstrations
  • Your Questions & our answers about Body / Health / Fitness / Aesthetics
  • Exhibition with sculptures from the ARTIST Norbert Jäger

Get in touch with our specialists and learn about their concepts & work

Dr Marco Seita GP / Orthopedist / Specialist in Sports medicine

Gustavo Cabagna Physiotherapist / KINEXOR Fitnesscoach

Sonia Sica Medical aesthetician & DMK Professional

Items :

  • Natural integrated procedures in modern medicine & aesthetics
  • PRP – high potential blood treatment in many medical & health areas
  • botanical cosmetics with enzymes–DMK = The Premium Concept
  • Modern pain treatments – successful combined concept in physiotherapy
  • Manuell Therapy & Osteopathy
  • Arthrosis- what can i do: OP or conservative options?
  • EMS the complete body training- also in rehabilitation & health training


  • 1 pm Welcome plus presentation of the exhibition – Artist Norbert Jäger-
  • 1:30 pm Demo: Problems around the neck & shoulder area. Discussion & presentation of different therapeutical methods.
  • 2 pm Short lecture & Demo: PRP –Biological procedure in the modern integrative medicine (excamples in orthopaedics & cosmetics )
  • 2:30 pm Demo: DMK – biological enzym treatments in cosmetics / the newest innovative premium concept for your skin.
  • 3 pm Demo: Power & posture stabilisation training with/without tools
  • 3:30 pm Short lecture & Demo: Biological therapies in modern orthopädic & sports medicine
  • 4 pm: Demo: SANADREN –New treatment ideas with medical silicon.
  • 4:30 pm Short lecture und Demo: HRV –HeartRateVariability and his position and applications in modern präventive medicine
  • 5 pm Demo: EMS – ElectroMyoStimulation trendsetting whole body training in therapy & Healthtraining
  • 5:30 pm Lecture : DVT- Digital Volume Tomografia – the newest high level diagnostic 3D procedure around head & body.
  • 6 pm Questions and Answers about your health.
  • 6:30 pm End of the event.

Questions & More at

Plaza Mirador de Bendinat/ Local 4 D 07181 Bendinat Tel. 971 133 811


Date: 14.06.2016 18:00
Place: Institute Medical Health Mallorca
Plaza Mirador de Bendinat/ Local 4D
More Information: oder Tel. 0034 – 605296373
Languages: English/ Deutsch
Specialists: Tuija Lindström/ Finland
Prof. Dr. Stephan Becker/ Austria

  • Biological autologous blood treatments in esthetic medicine
  • Hair- and skin treatments
  • Therapy Options and integrated post treatments (also with the DMK system)


DMK – The natural care system


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