Promotion back course Medisport-Mallorca

-back school Mallorca- 2018

As of March, once a week a Dr. Seita -Orthopedic & sports-doctor and Frank-Andre Berkel -trainer Bodyart- holistically conceived certified course around the topic back instead.
Almost exclusively practical exercise elements for strengthening the back muscles and improving body awareness are also trained and trained by teaching basic knowledge on back and back-friendly behavior.

When: every Tuesday afternoon
Time: 13-14h
Location: Medisport-Mallorca
Sequence: Course 1.-4. every Tuesday and repeating each following month
Part 5. & 6. as additional special unit on one extra day per month.
Failed units can be repeated.

Entry into course at any time possible !!!
This 6-part continuous monthly course / training session will also be rewarded with the participants’ certificate.
The costs of 145, – € can be submitted to the health insurance companies for the settlement of a qualified preventive measure.
The number of participants is limited and therefore requested a timely registration.
More information and registration at: