Osteoarthritis – A People’s Disease (Part 1)

arthroseIn order to be able to treat osteoarthritis better, you should also know in advance what exactly osteoarthritis is and how it is produced. The arthrosis deformans, which is conceptually translated from the ancient language elements “joint” and “mutilation” and thus also historically documented earlier, is now defined as the “overcoming joint wear”.

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ARTHROSE – Mallorca Special Intensive Care


As a specialist in orthopedics and an optional expert in your health in Mallorca, I offer the topic Osteoarthritis with our medical co-operation partners at Medical Health Mallorca- MHM  to you a unique offer.

Within the framework of a complex therapy concept with the aim of cartilage- Cell synergism , various synergistic procedures are offered.

Instead of the regular treatment price (1870, – €) within the conservative INTENSIV Arthrosotherapy, you get a unique offer (> 35% discount) for the COMPLETE price of only => 1200, – € which is looking for a conservative treatment concept for arthritis!

You save over 600, -!

This should be worth the investment in your health .

! Only valid until 15.1.2016!

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