10 golden rules for healthy Sports

Running ‘short and striking`

Before the sports medical examination

Take special care with beginners, over 35 years. But especially in pre-existing conditions or ailments, but especially at known risk factors such as smoking, high blood pressure, elevated blood lipid levels, diabetes, lack of exercise and being overweight generellem; If so answered the exploratory ‘Self’ check with a single `yes’, then !!: First see your  (sports) doctor, and then to the sport!

Sport start -always- prudently

So start slowly and moderately increase the load gradually (intensity, frequency and duration) and then if possible under specific instructions and according to plan (sports medicine, as well as club, running club, gym). Default base case is for a successful outcome / goal-oriented sports: daily bisserl what make (Gymnastik.etc) but if possible, 3-4 times a week do something for ca.20-40 minutes..

Avoid overloading during sport

After the sport may sometimes be a “pleasant” exhaustion. Experience win with their own bodies, the current performance and their capacity for development. Sport should always be fun, not torture prepare, eg. Running without (strong) wheeze and -very most important always look forward to the next time! Optionally, more far-reaching assessment’Status’ = actual state `determine reell’, ie performance assessment / diagnosis (possibly determining the training loads / scope) can give the sports doctor. In principle: Better than “short and violent” and !: remain “more or loosely” tuned, stay tuned, stay tuned …!

After loading sufficient rest

After a sporting burden always sufficient recovery (regeneration, sleep / Toiletries, etc.) eighth. Adjust accordingly eating. The so-called `Stoffwechsel’ must learn to adapt as well. After intense exercise always “loose”, varied schedule `= other’Trainingseinheiten.

Sports Pause for colds and illness

In “cough, runny nose, hoarseness,” fever or body aches, flu or other acute illness or chronic fatigue: Sport break !!! Then gradually adapted renewed beginning. Must do nothing! When in doubt, always: Ask your doctor Sport

   Prevent and heal injuries

To prepare! Everything about the’Hand` have what supports your desired activity. Warm and gentle stretching remember. If then it treat time-injured immediately and qualifies = right! But injuries need time to healing! Pain is always warning signs of the body. So when in doubt ask the sports doctor. Operate to compensate possibly also temporarily in another intensity a different sport.

Adapt to the climate and environment Sport

`Clothes make Sportler’: Clothing should be appropriate and functional, and need not necessarily be round. Always observe air exchange and the weather to adjust (ie, eg in cold weather:. Warm clothing, wind resistant, permeable to moisture / sweat to the outside); = Training reduce by too much air irritations; it remains = note hydration; note that sports in height the generally decreased resilience, and wear suitable clothes and observe the drinking behavior; in known / obvious air pollution (pollutants, ozone): Again reduce training; Sport rather in the morning or evening, but always as personally suits!

Pay attention to proper nutrition and hydration

Here change the recommendations as the seasons! Important is always the basic recommendation: what I want / when and how and in which load / training phase I am! It is true: calories the body weight and load profile and ambitious target to adjust (eg obesity less total calories.) Here, too, if necessary, the sports medicine can be determined by means of specialized studies; Compensate for fluid loss after exercise by mineral-rich water to drink in the heat more than usual. Note: Beer is not Sportgetränk- does have minerals, but alcohol much calories. But: A glass of alcohol (wine, beer) may be sometimes random!

Customize sports to age and medication

Sport also and especially in old age is always very useful and necessary, but sport aged should thereby be versatile (strength, agility, endurance, coordination). Customize drugs and their administration time and dose the sport. Ask your doctor Sport

Sports should be fun again

The “soul” laughs during sports. Occasionally sometimes changes sport: variety in sports is very important! More movement with pleasurable games and sports means pleasure and health. Sporting activities always in everyday integrate: climb stairs instead of elevators, walk to the mailbox, tensing exercises in `anstehen”, train with water bottles; Tango dance with the kitchen towel, etc. also brisk walking (walking) is sport! Nevertheless, proper provision also states that health care means regular (Sport) specialist medical examination helps to identify / prevent / treat damage.

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