op-traumaThe trauma is defined as a branch of surgery and is the science of injuries and wounds, as well as their development and therapy. Almost synonymous purpose of the terms of the trauma is understood as supply accident injured patients.

Accident physicians must be operational in various areas. These include the measure until the accident, the shock treatment and organizing and conducting operative care in the next level of care. The situations can often be complex and threatening life-threatening and require proper assessment / introduction of direct and accompanying measures necessary. The coordination of different subspecialties of several disciplines to solve life-threatening complications requires experience and qualifications. The further transfer to a special department or a specialized clinic as well as the control of the required proper rehabilitation (Targeted physiotherapy, medical devices and therapies Aufbautrainings- under the guidance / occupational therapy, etc.) are among the tasks.

Also and precisely because these requirements are very high and only in a partnership qualitative high-quality cooperation in modern medicine, the optimal care of the patient is guaranteed at the highest, we do not allow us in the field of trauma surgery & traumatology in Mallorca as “all-knowing and all being able” Us represent but work with other specialists closely together.