sportmedizinThe sports medicine defines itself as a branch of medicine that specifically explores in particular the complexity of the concepts of physical activity “movement, exercise and competitive sport”, and their effects on the human organism.
The findings of the sports medicine find it in many areas in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of athletes, injuries, as well as all health-oriented people its application. Includes clearly the terms Sports “different movement, play and competition forms which usually associated with physical activities of people in communication” and medicine “doctrine of prevention, detection and treatment of diseases and injuries” and became independent during the last decades to a special discipline.

To also prevent abuse of this topic and to increase the value of specialization were the training situation in Germany and the award of the additional designation of Sports Medicine on the regional medical associations  organized and carried out assuming a Board certification, the completion of one of the below mentioned training paths and a final note of evidence through examination.
The certification of the sports medicine training includes a full-day and longer monthly (12 months) of activity in a special facility with the mediation concentration on certain subject matter from the physiological-cardiological and the surgical-orthopedic trauma section. Additional evidence for 240 hours of recognized sports medicine training / course participations in theory and practice of sports medicine in various areas is required. Even when evidence of a sport medical care activity is absolutely necessary.

Ultimately, the best sports physicians should know not only what he’s talking, but at least can truly authentic pure feeling in the athletes, better yet at least understand the sport in all its complexity and / or more optimally this in its basic quality can run.
We provide these requirements with confidence and we dissociate ourselves with it personally and particularly high content of the many non-cooperative partnership enabled colleagues around the beautiful theme sports medicine on the island of Mallorca.