collageThe concept and function of the physician is defined medical history differently since the earliest development of human cultural and civilizational togetherness of people. About the state of the healers through to technocratic specialists of the 21st century, it is a complicated definition of its permit and qualifying for autonomous and independent medical practice is variously defined socio-cultural. With the date of approval of the medical doctor must perform the legally protected name “doctor” and receives her state license to practice this high-quality profession.

To be a doctor is a continuous personal and content life-long process for us. We provide these requirements to us on the island of Majorca not only in the field of orthopedics / traumatology and sport medicine, but see next to our special subjects but always also the most-close options of diagnosis and treatment from the other areas of medicine. To this end, we work with our cooperation partner Medical Health Mallorca and its existing network closely together.