Practice for complementary orthopedics and integrative medicine
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  • Naturopathic

    regenerativFor naturopathy we are generally the following we use MediSports Mallorca- methods which we either use directly in our practice and / or in cooperation with our network partners and their logistical and technical possibilities!

    Phytotherapy the use of plant ingredients

    Hydrotherapy / Balneotherapy water applications (heat and cold therapy)

    Dietetics support the treatments by a healthy diet and the disease / possibly dietary-influenced symptom complex customized diet

    Traditional Chinese MedicineTCM

    • Acupuncture (body / ear) circulates influencing the life energy of the body, focusing on defined interconnects (or meridians) and points located, which has a controlling / regulating effect on all areas of the body functions.
    • Moxibustion -warming of acupuncture points

    Neural therapy

    • Application of a local anesthetic for influencing the autonomic nervous system by means of the segment Therapy / Störfeldtherapie / Functional Neural under a so-called. Reflex therapeutic approach
    • Therapeutic local anesthesia (TLA) -perineurale injection techniques

    Mesotherapy a combination of elements of acupuncture, neural therapy, reflexology and homeopathy are injected different dilute agents.

    Movement Therapy

    • medically indicated and prescribed specifically planned dose movement that is performed by the skilled therapist and is jointly controlled with the doctor. This can be done with the patient alone or in a group and should theoretically have all forms of targeted physical activity.
    • Integration of kinesiology -the scientific study of the movement

    Physical therapy summarizes medical treatments that use natural responses to external stimulus ratios (stimulus-response principle). It may also buy several treatments come together in addition.

    • Physiotherapy (physical therapy / massage)
    • Extension therapy (eg, sling table / Glisson, etc.)
    • Occupational Therapy
    • Medical Training Therapy & Sports Therapy
    • Electrotherapy
    • Ultrasound Therapy
    • Phototherapy
    • Electromagnetic stimulation